ComplyWise Portal 

Compliance Management for Small and Midsize Businesses

ComplyWise Portal

Compliance Management for Small and Midsize Businesses

Ezentria ComplyWise Portal | Powered by Apptega

Real-time Compliance Management and Scoring

Compliance Management is Easier with a Dashboard

Managing a compliance program with a centralized portal simplifies everything. The Ezentria ComplyWise compliance management portal automatically applies your team’s updates across multiple frameworks, adjusts your dashboards, and prepares live reports on your Progress, Frameworks, Controls, Owners, Tasks, Deadlines, Budgets, Documents, and Notes.

We used to manage all these activities manually in a collection of spreadsheets. But now with the ComplyWise Portal, our reports and dashboards are updated in real-time; our tasks automatically send reminders; and it’s easy to manage multiple compliance initiatives simultaneously (PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001, etc.).

Your Ezentria Consultant will use the portal to capture, track and report on everything we do throughout the ComplyWise Process. The efficiencies gained are incredible, the accuracy is spot-on, and the executive visibility is unprecedented.

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The Ezentria ComplyWise Portal, powered by Apptega, is an enterprise compliance management system specifically adapted to the requirements of our clients.

As your system of record, the ComplyWise Portal also stores links to your policies, procedures, artifacts, and documents that are kept in a version-controlled Microsoft SharePoint repository.

After you achieve your certification or attestation, the ComplyWise Portal will remain in place to continually manage and improve your compliance program and security posture.


One-Click, Real-Time Reporting 

Ezentria ComplyWise compliance reports are created in a single click and delivered in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. The elegant reports pull live data from the portal to produce accurate reports, instantly—saving hours of manual data correlation and compilation.

  • Full Program Reports for Audits
  • Board of Directors Reports
  • Custom Reports

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